Our Story

Over the past 15 years I have felt the call to church planting, but recently I believe God is saying, “Go now!” This calling is so strong for our family that to do nothing would be disobedience. It is with great excitement that our family intends to pursue this calling and transition our ministry in Sacramento towards planting a church in Antelope, CA.

Even before we married 14 years ago, Sarah and I both used our gifts in ministry. From our very core, we knew that God created us for something bigger than ourselves and felt called to be available to be used any way He desired. In 2003 I went on a short-term mission trip to Brazil. I kept a prayer journal on that trip and although I don’t remember writing it down, upon rereading I’ve discovered that even then God was placing this calling in my life when I wrote, “I believe God is calling me to plant a church.”

The next year while driving through the Antelope area, I got out of the car to pray because I felt that God was calling me to plant a church in the area. New housing and condominium signs were posted in open fields and I could see a developing area in need of the Savior. I saw the opportunity for a gospel community to connect with people in need. When I shared this with Sarah, she was sure of the call but unsure of the timing. We felt we needed much more ministry experience and growth before we could take on the task.

Over the past 15 years, God has been developing me as a leader and minister, equipping me with the skills to plant a new church with my family. He has used Arcade Church and its leadership to train and equip my wife and me to have a greater impact for the Kingdom.

This past summer God lit a fire in our hearts to work toward our church-planting goal with a renewed calling. We have a young family and we want to start a family church. We have received strong confirmation from those closest to us and from virtual strangers. NextGen Churches and NAB Churches have also affirmed this calling and we believe we are ready to go.

Our goal is to plant Hope Community Church in 2019. With great conviction, we believe that this incredible work can only be accomplished through a deep reliance on God and the intentional support of other believers.