We love the gospel – we consider the news good that Jesus died for our sins making it possible for us to intimately encounter God and be at peace with Him. Such a gift is undeserved and continually amazes us and impresses upon us the magnitude of God’s love. We believe that the people of Hope Community Church must strive for a clearer understanding and a deep personal appreciation of Gospel truth in order for them to live in the pleasure and rest of this amazing grace daily.


We are deeply committed to intentionally live our lives in community. In the community of the church God is working out his purpose in the world as well as in the lives of individuals. We believe that active participation in a local church is not just beneficial, but essential for the spiritual growth of individual Christians. We have been joined together by the Spirit into one body, and we enter community to purposely get involved in each other’s lives. At Hope Community Church, we are committed to serving and caring for one another. We realize that such a life is not hassle-free, but in obedience to God we’re determined to work at developing honest and vibrant relationships as we follow Jesus together.


Along with all Christians, we are passionately committed to engage our local community as well as the entire world in such a way that the Gospel is faithfully demonstrated and clearly described. We at Hope Community Church deliberately live our lives on purpose. We want to display the love of Jesus with the intent to call everyone we come in contact with to turn and trust in Jesus’ work on the cross for the forgiveness of sin. We recognize that our role is to be Christ-like, even to those who will not trust him.