Holly Bibbal


The Father is drawing people to Jesus, and the community in Antelope is responding! I am filled with joy as people share their stories. After coming to Jesus, we are hearing multiple stories at Hope Community Church of people being intentional about mending their broken relationships, and some have been successful. The Gospel is giving people what they need to forgive and heal. I am hopeful to share some of these stories publicly when we go through Genesis 1-3 in our post-Easter sermon-series titled, Created for Community.

I love how God is working in the lives of the young and the old. A few weeks ago, a young boy in fifth grade came to church and was given his very first Bible. He hugged this tan leather bound book and came running to me excited that he was given a Holly Bibbal (He did not know it was pronounced Holy Bible). This past Sunday his mom told me that he keeps it in his special drawer with his other prized possessions. Yesterday, grinning ear to ear, he eagerly told me that God made Adam and Eve and that Eve came from Adams' rib. I am excited he is reading his Bible! God is definitely at work. 

In my mind, I know that everything that God ordains, he orchestrates. He made everything happen for us to launch Hope Community Church. He has brought amazing people on our team, and He is bringing the people in the Community. He is the one drawing people, and He is the one changing lives. I know in my mind that He is going to work everything out, but sometimes I do not know how He is going to do it. As we continue to grow, we need to raise up more leaders, especially in children’s ministry. We DO NOT want to provide childcare. Instead, we want to develop ministers that have a calling to equip kids in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We have great leaders now, but we need to triple the children’s ministry leaders to effectively lead the kids God is bringing us.  Please pray for us to have wisdom and discernment as we work on developing leaders. Pray that God calls people to serve in this area. 

We treasure your prayers! Please continue to partner with us by praying for us regularly!

For His Glory,

John Cassidy